Heavy Duty Racks

Nowadays warehouse space is becoming expensive! To meet the increasing storage needs, we have introduced heavy-duty storage systems, which are superior in strength, safe and economical. This will improve house keeping and require less time required for storage and retrieval of materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Our range of high rise heavy duty storage systems are designed to support loads as high as 3 tons per loading level up to 18 tons per unit. This will help to get major savings in storage systems.
  • These systems are used to store raw materials and finished goods in medium and large scale Industries.
  • Our heavy-duty storage components are easily assembled, dismantled and reassembled to meet the changing requirements without any additional cost.
  • MAS Heavy duty Storage System consists of vertical upright and adjustable cross beams made from prime quality Steel sections. This is a boltless construction.

Base Plate - Each upright is fitted with base plate that spreads the load evenly on the floor.

Beam ā€“ The box section beams helps to carry heavy loads without twisting and also resists impact by handling equipments.

Beam Connector - The beam connector is pressed steel angle welded to the end of the beam. The hooks are press formed in one face of the connector for strength and safety. With this, beams can be easily fitted and removed.

Automatic Safety Lock - This automatic safety lock protects against accidental dislodging of beams and defends upward force. As a result it eradicates the possibility of the rack being upturned.

Frames - The standard depth is usually between 600, 700, 800, 900,1000, 1100 to 1200 etc. The thickness is generally 2mm/2.5mm and 3.15mm. When horizontal bracing joins two upright ā€˜Cā€™ sections, then it makes a frame. Each upright frame has two rows of slots and these provide easy location of beam connectors.

Bracing - These are diagonal bracing and horizontal bracing. It can be bolted or welded to ensure greater rigidity and strength to frame

Mas Office is successfully recognized as an eminent manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of Perforated Sheets, Cable Trays, Storage Racks, Heavy Duty Racks, Slotted Angles. These products are manufactured using excellent quality raw material in adherence with the international standards. These products are also offered in different specifications as per the specific requirements of clients. The offered products are broadly demanded in the market owing to their superior quality features.

Heavy duty shelving is a simple storage solution which facilitates storage of non palletized items. It is ideal for large variety of medium to big sized items that can be handled manually. This enables managing flexibility of managing variety of items and higher levels can be reached by providing catwalks and multi-tier systems.

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